Key Issues



We have some of the highest property taxes in the country. Instead of having an equitable structure where individuals and businesses contribute, the burden keeps being pushed off to homeowners who pay higher taxes year after year.

Shawn will work to hold the line on taxes, so more people can afford to raise their families here while making sure our tax dollars go back into our community to invest in our families and our future.



Voters should choose politicians, not the other way around.

That’s why Shawn supports fair redistricting instead of partisan gerrymandering. Our next state legislature is slated to create the districts Texans will vote in for the next ten years. Shawn believes Texas should set up an independent redistricting commission as other states have done that respects the will of the people and draws fair lines after the 2020 census. Texas has a large say in what happens in our Nation’s capital and Texans should be fairly represented.



Our kids deserve every resource to succeed in life. It starts with making sure our tax dollars are invested in our kids.

Texas spends less on education per student than most other states while at the same time spending more on for-profit prisons than any other state. Shawn will invest more in our children earlier in life so that every child in our state has a chance to be at grade level by third grade and beyond.

Shawn also wants to make college more affordable for young Texans. Every student who can get in should be able to afford four years at one of our excellent Texas public universities without accruing crippling, lifelong debt. Traditional college isn’t right for everyone. We also need to expand access to vocational education and community colleges to ensure that our young people are equipped with the skills to take on good-paying, 21st-century jobs.


Economic Growth

Austin politicians are putting our strong Texas economy at risk by pursuing divisive social policies that drive away new companies and workers.

Shawn wants to get our local economy working for everyone. To do that, we need to stimulate small businesses and help grow paychecks, so more folks can spend money in their local communities and share in the prosperity.

While our state has experienced good economic growth this decade, our legislature is putting our Texas brand at risk by continually pursuing divisive social legislation that alienates women, people of color, and LGBTQ Texans that drives business development away from the state. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Shawn understands the importance of our state government in attracting in investments and talented people to Texas. Just as he has done in his own company, Shawn will go to Austin to fight for our local small businesses and to create more jobs with good wages and benefits.


Equal Rights

We’re all endowed with the same inalienable rights.

No matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation, each of us deserves to live free of discrimination. Shawn promises to always stand up for the equal rights of each and every Texan and treat everyone with common decency and respect. If elected, Shawn will be the only LGBTQ man serving in the Texas legislature. The Legislature continually tries to suppress the votes of minorities and low-income Texans. Shawn opposes scare tactics designed to intimidate elderly and minority voters.


Women’s Health

The majority in our legislature continues to waste time and endanger the lives of women with attacks on healthcare access and intrusions on the doctor-patient relationship.

During the 86th legislature, leadership in Austin and the current representative of House District 108 continued their attacks on our most vulnerable Texan families. We should be making sure mothers on Medicaid have an easier way to make sure they and their children are covered. As the state with the most uninsured residents, we don’t need to punish cities for doing business with low-cost healthcare clinics. The current representative of 108 voted with Dan Patrick to prevent Dallas from working with Planned Parenthood to provide family planning services to women who have no other means of support. Shawn will work to protect the rights of all women to control decisions over their healthcare. If elected, Shawn will seek to ensure every child in our State has quality health insurance and he would significantly increase funding for women’s health initiatives including universal prenatal care and cancer screening for every woman in our state.


Local Control

For years, Republicans in Austin have complained about Washington mandates affecting Texas. Those same politicians are all too happy to have Austin dictate to local governments how they should manage their cities.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or not affiliated with any party, we can all agree that when it comes to issues of concern to our communities, we know what’s best. Republicans in Austin spent the 86th Legislature stripping local governments of their abilities to serve their citizens. Shawn believes that politicians in Austin who don't know our communities have no business dictating our affairs to us – whether it’s how to conduct law enforcement with SB4 or how high to set our minimum wage.


Health Care

State leaders have foolishly rejected our federal tax dollars already paid into Medicaid to the detriment of Texas children.

Over one million Texans would receive health insurance if our state leaders simply reclaimed the taxes that Texans have already paid to Washington. The short-sighted rejection of our tax dollars is estimated to cost Texas taxpayers over $100 billion over the next decade.

Shawn will work to broaden access to quality health care for all Texans. According to Georgetown University, one in five uninsured children in the United States live right here in our home state – that’s almost one million Texas children left without healthcare. By providing comprehensive preventative care in addition to treating these children’s current health care needs, Shawn believes Texans will save money in the long term by avoiding chronic conditions that only become more costly as children mature into adults.


Gun Safety

We have to protect our children. It’s unacceptable that parents are afraid to go shopping or to drop their kids off at school.

It’s past time to reject our nightmarish reality. Leaders in Austin and Washington have failed. Let’s elect new voices that will demand the action we need. Shawn pledges to support gun research, background checks on every kind of purchase, new gun safety and storage requirements and red flag laws. By supporting families with these reforms and keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, we can escape the cycle of tragic gun violence that every Texan community now faces.



Over the past decade, Texans have faced an unprecedented number of emergency disasters, gas explosions, and oil spills along our coasts that threaten our environment and our jobs.

Shawn believes we must act now to protect our state from harmful pollution by embracing new technologies that curb the output of carbon dioxide into our air, like installing electric charging stations along state highways. Let’s also fully fund our state environmental protection agency so it can begin enforcing laws that are already on the books.



Studies have long shown that students with a background in arts education outperform students that receive less arts education.

Shawn is an avid supporter of our arts community and is proud to run to represent the Dallas Arts District, the cultural jewel of District 108. He believes that the state of Texas should boost funding for arts-based education programs in our public schools, but we shouldn’t stop there. It’s time to better leverage the tremendous arts facilities that already exist across to motivate and encourage our young people to pursue their creative dreams.

Shawn believes that our Arts District serves as a major economic development engine for our regional economy. He is committed to ensuring the Legislature supports our arts communities across the state.


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