Language Assistance Services for Voters in Taylor, Texas: Get the Help You Need

Are you a voter in Taylor, Texas who needs language assistance? If so, you're in luck! The Voting Rights Act (VRA) requires certain political and state subdivisions to provide language assistance during elections to certain linguistic minority groups that cannot speak or understand English well enough to participate in the electoral process. This means that if you are a member of a linguistic minority group and have difficulty understanding English, you can receive help in your language on Election Day at most voting centers in the county. If you need language assistance, you can call 512-475-3800 or the toll-free number 800-525-0657 to request a translation. The census form is mandatory to provide electoral materials in the identified languages due to lack of command of English. The EAC has translated the Voting 101 brochure into 20 languages and is available in the form of a brochure and brochure (8.5 x 11 inches).In Georgia, state law reflects the Voting Rights Act and allows voters “unable to read the English language” to choose anyone other than their employer, an agent of their employer, or a leader or agent of their union to help them vote.

Crittenden reached an agreement and agreed not to apply the state's more restrictive language assistance law in future elections, including a runoff that took place in early December. The VRA considers it mandatory to include a language in translated county election materials if more than 5% of citizens of voting age are members of a single-language minority and have a limited command of English OR more than 10,000 of voting-age citizens are members of a linguistic minority and have a limited command of English. The League of Women Voters of Texas has created videos that explain each of the 14 proposed amendments in clear, easy-to-understand, unbiased and impartial language to help voters make informed decisions. Mrs. Kim Murphey volunteered this year as a Korean interpreter for the first time. He helped out on an early voting day in late October in Harris County, Texas. Ultimately, it is the Census Bureau that decides which jurisdictions should provide language assistance to which groups of voters according to a formula of the federal Voting Rights Act, according to the Department of Justice.

The agency language access coordinator is located at the Housing Resource Center of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs 221 East 11th Street Austin, Texas 78701 P.If you are part of a linguistic minority group and have difficulty understanding English, there are services available for you! You can call 512-475-3800 or 800-525-0657 to request translation services. You can also receive assistance in your language on Election Day at most voting centers in Taylor County. The League of Women Voters has also produced videos that explain each proposed amendment so that you can make an informed decision.

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