Voting in Taylor, Texas: All You Need to Know

The deadline to register to vote in Taylor, Texas is quickly approaching on October 1.In the March primary, a staggering 24,000 Texans lost their votes due to the new election law, with 12.4% of ballots sent by mail being rejected. However, the percentage of ballots rejected by mail dropped to less than 4% during the second round of May elections. The turnout for the second round was 8%, compared to 18% in the March primaries. Poll workers are not mandated to wear masks and other protective equipment, but federal health authorities still recommend wearing masks in enclosed public places in areas with high transmission rates. Voters registered on the suspended list can still cast their ballot if they update or confirm their address before the deadline or complete a “declaration of residence” when voting.

They may have to vote at their previous polling place or vote on a limited ballot. In order to vote in the upcoming election, you must reside in a Texas county before the voter registration deadline, unless you qualify to vote absentee. If a voter is incorrectly marked, they can still vote if they present proof of citizenship such as a certificate of naturalization or U. Last year, the Texas Legislature created new identification rules for voting by mail that require voters to provide their driver's license or state identification number or, if they haven't been assigned, the last four digits of their social security number on both the ballot request and the envelope used to return the full ballot. Voters can also check with their county election officials to see if their vote was counted. A voter can vote by mail if they have an “illness” or a physical condition that prevents them from voting in person without the possibility of “needing” personal assistance or harming their health. The League of Women Voters of Texas has created videos that explain each of the 14 proposed amendments in clear and easy-to-understand language so that voters can make informed decisions.

These videos provide an unbiased and impartial overview of what is on the ballot and how to cast your vote.

Makayla Parez
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