Can I Change My Vote After Casting My Ballot in Taylor, Texas?

President Donald Trump has recently declared that voters can change their vote in most states, but is this true for Texas? According to the Texas Secretary of State's office, requests must be submitted by October 1.In the March primary elections, more than 24,000 Texans lost their votes due to the new electoral law, with approximately 12.4% of ballots sent by mail being rejected. However, as more primary voters became aware of the new requirements, the percentage of ballots rejected by mail dropped to less than 4% during the second round of May elections. Despite this, voter turnout was significantly lower in the second round of elections, with a combined turnout of about 8%, compared to the 18% turnout in the March primaries. When it comes to voting on the sidewalk due to COVID-19 or a disability, no disclosure is required unless a person is simultaneously driving seven or more voters from the sidewalk to a polling place. In this case, they must sign a form and indicate if they are also serving as an electoral assistant for voters.

Election observers can observe the process of poll workers helping a voter vote, in accordance with the state election code. In Texas, you can find a list of counties where voters can vote at any polling place in the county on election day. Poll workers are allowed to wear masks and other protective equipment, but it is not mandatory for voters to wear masks. If you are voting absentee from abroad and want to see what will appear on your ballot, you can get a sample ballot from your county. A voter can also vote by mail if they have an “illness” or physical condition that prevents them from voting in person without the possibility of “needing” personal assistance or harming their health. Texas law states that voters have the right to vote during work hours without being penalized or losing their pay, but this may not apply if a worker has two hours before or after work to vote. In addition, you can confirm with your county elections office if voting on Election Day is restricted to locations in your designated electoral district or if you can vote at any polling place.

If you choose to vote early instead of sending your ballot by mail, you must notify the county elections office in person. You can also vote at your new polling place with a ballot limited to elections where you could vote in both polling places, such as state elections.

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