Voting Process for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities in Taylor, Texas

Voting is a fundamental right for all citizens, and it is important to understand the process for voting if you are a senior citizen or have a disability. In Taylor, Texas, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed in order to cast your ballot. Before going to the polls, it is important to know your rights as a voter and what you can wear or bring with you. In addition, there are specific requirements for voting by mail and curbside voting. In every federal election (and most non-federal elections), each voting center will offer at least one type of accessible voting equipment.

Requests must be submitted by October 1.More than 24,000 Texans lost their votes in the March primary elections because, under the new electoral law, approximately 12.4% of ballots sent by mail were rejected. As more primary voters were aware of the new requirements, the percentage of ballots rejected by mail dropped to less than 4% during the second round of May, Taylor said. However, fewer voters participated in the second round of elections, which had a combined turnout of about 8%, according to the office of the Secretary of State. This compares with the turnout of nearly 18% in the March primaries. Before going to the polls, you should know that you have rights as a voter and that there are certain rules at polling stations about what you can wear and bring with you.

Last year, the Texas Legislature created new identification rules for voting by mail that require voters to provide their driver's license or state identification number or, if they haven't been assigned those, the last four digits of their Social Security number both on the ballot request and on the envelope used to return a full ballot. If you can't vote inside a polling place due to COVID-19 or a disability, you may be able to vote on the sidewalk. Alternatively, if a voter will turn 65 or older on Election Day, has a disability, or will be out of the county during early voting hours and on Election Day, they can request to vote by mail. However, if a voter is incorrectly marked, Taylor said they can still vote if they present proof of citizenship, such as a certificate of naturalization or a U. You can find a list of counties in which voters can vote at any county polling place on election day at the office of the Texas Secretary of State. We explain the voting process with election-specific election guides to help Texans know what's on the ballot and how to vote.

Voters registered on the suspended list can still vote if they update or confirm their address before the deadline to register as voters for an election or if they complete a “declaration of residence” when voting, but they may have to vote at their previous polling place or vote with a limited ballot. It is possible for poll workers to wear masks and other protective equipment, but it is not mandatory for voters to wear masks, although federal health authorities continue to recommend wearing masks in enclosed public places in areas with high transmission rates. Votes cannot be cast in unopposed state elections, which will be included separately on the ballot after elections in which there are several candidates. Generally speaking, you can vote curbside during the early voting period (from the 17th before Election Day to the 4th day before Election Day in most elections) or Election Day. You can also vote at your new polling place with a ballot limited to elections where you could vote in both polling places, such as state elections. This does not require disclosure, except when a person is simultaneously driving seven or more voters from the sidewalk to a polling place, in which case, the person must sign a form and indicate if they are also serving as an electoral assistant for voters.

A coalition of voting rights groups in Texas runs voter protection hotlines, also connected to lawyers, in multiple languages and for people with disabilities.

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